The status of a mandate is available via MyCodaBox - CLIENT & MANDATES SERVICES - CODA - Manage

Note: The same mandate status can have several meanings, depending on:

  • The bank involved (Twikey - Non Twikey - KBC or other bank)
  • Who manages the mandates of your clients (You or CodaBox)

Here is an overview of the possible states of a CODA mandate:

RegisteredThis bank doesn’t support CODA
→ Bank NOT compatible

The mandate will remain in this status until there is an agreement with this bank.

In treatment
→ Compatible bank

Our administration department has imported your data sheet into our system and will check the accuracy of the data. If the data is incorrect, we will contact your offices.

In PreparationIf an e-mail address is available, the mandate will be sent to your client
→ If CodaBox manages your clients' mandates
Sent To ClientSent by e-mail to your client
Our administration department has sent the mandate to your client by e-mail.
In Preparation
Sent To Client
Invite your client to sign digitally via Twikey
→ If it concerns a bank that supports Twikey, you can send the Twikey link to your client. Paper documents can still be downloaded (via Actions) ***
In Preparation
Sent To Client 
Download the mandate here

→ Bank that does not support Twikey

Downloading the mandate possible via the button***

Available OnlineProvide us with the signed mandate by e-mail

→ If you manage your clients' mandates 

The mandate will not be sent by e-mail to your client. Download the mandate via the button

Available OnlineInvite your client to sign digitally via Twikey
→ If it concerns a bank that supports Twikey, you can send the Twikey link to your client. Paper documents can still be downloaded (via Actions) *** 
SignedSigned, received and in treatment
The signed documents have been received and are internally checked. CodaBox handles the mandate.
Bank ProcedureSent to the bank
The mandate signed by the client (paper version) was sent to the bank.
Note *
The status Bank procedure can become Archived if the account cannot be ordered for CODA / Rejected by the bank or if the account has been closed.
Bank ProcedureBank activation is done
The mandate will become active upon receiving the first CODA file
The first CODA file will be generated as soon as there is a transaction on this bank account. No action from your client required.

Note: There are daily transactions on this bank account, but still no CODA?

An internal bank error may have prevented the activation of the mandate → Contact

Bank ProcedureYour client needs to link each bank account in his online bank app

→ It concerns KBC/CBC Bank

More information on: KBC/CBC - CODA mandate state. Check the status of each account.

Bank ProcedureSigned via Twikey
The mandate was signed digitally by the client and sent to the bank.
Bank ProcedureCODA available - pending delivery

We receive CODA files for some accounts, but your delivery method is not yet defined. 

CodaBox will contact you to set up the delivery.

Bank ProcedureDelay in activation due to an issue with client bank data Bank will contact the client or the bank agency
→ It concerns ING Bank

You receive CODA. Check the state of each bank account to see which ones are active

ActiveNo recent CODA. Check the state of each bank account for more information
More info in our article CODAs not received, CODAs missing?
ProblemCannot be processed + reasonThere is a problem with the mandate. Our administrative department will contact you. See our article describing the different possible problems
ArchivedArchived mandate
CodaBox will no longer process the mandate. If the mandate was active, you will no longer receive CODA files. See also the Note in the Bank procedure status.
ArchivedDeadline for activation has passed
Can be ordered again.
We never received CODA for the accounts on this mandate. Because the request was already open for more than 2 years, the mandate was archived.
The account(s) can be ordered again.

See also our article Details of Mandates/Bank accounts and possible actions and our *** Related Articles