In MyCodaBox, the status of the mandate is 'Problem'

Why this status? 

→ One of the steps in the activation process did not run correctly. A short description is always displayed below the status 'Problem' :

mandate status is problem in mycodabox

Types of possible problems and solutions

THE MANDATE HAS BEEN SENT TO THE CLIENT FOR SIGNATURE but its status has changed from 'Available Online' or 'Sent client' to 'Problem' +

Cannot be processed. Documents not properly signed - Provide us with the properly signed mandate

Mandate problem in mycodabox document signed requested

Why this status?

The client or the accountant has returned the mandate to CodaBox, but a page or the signature was missing. A paper document must always be signed manually (not with an electronic signature).

Which action should you take?

→ Send the documents back fully completed and signed

THE MANDATE HAS BEEN SENT TO THE BANK but its status has changed from 'Bank procedure' to 'Problem' +

Cannot be processed. Signature does not match with the administration documents at the bank. Verify this with your client, adjust the data and provide us with the properly signed mandate

mandate problem in mycodabox provide the properly mandate

Why this status? 

The mandate may show this status for one of the following reasons:

  • A 2nd signature is required from XX
  • The person who signed is not authorized
  • The power of attorney must be signed by: X

Which action should you take? 

→ Check with your client who is the authorized representative for the account(s), adjust the data in MyCodaBox and send us the correctly signed document. Only a new mandate with a new signature date can be accepted by CodaBox

Cannot be processed. Missing or incorrect c data: check name, company number and account number(s)

mandate problem in mycodabox missing client data

Why this status?  

The bank cannot accept your client's mandate. 

The bank has informed us that the client data on the mandate is incomplete or contains incorrect information. This incorrect information can be :

  • The company name does not match
  • The account is not known / linked to the client
  • The client's company number is missing

What action should you take? 

→  Check your client's data via MyCodaBox and adjust them to provide us with the correctly signed document. 

Only a new mandate with a new signature date can be accepted by CodaBox

Cannot be processed. Insufficient client data known at the bank. Waiting for c feedback

mandate problem in mycodabox insufficient data

Why this status?

Activation of the CODA mandate is not possible - The data of this client is not up to date at the bank

Which action should you take?  

The bank does not wish to accept your client's mandate at this time. 

We have been informed by the bank that they do not have sufficient information about this client or that there is a general problem with the client's bank file. 

→  Please ask your client to visit his banking agency personally