Keep your MyCodaBox files up to date!

That way you don't pay for closed accounts, for clients that have discontinued their operations or are no longer with your office.


CodaBox cannot see whether certain clients (or certain accounts) are still active or not.

The calculation of the recurring costs on your monthly CodaBox invoice is done on the basis of all accounts for which you have activated CODA, even if there is no more activity on some accounts or for some clients (e.g. when an account has been closed or no more transactions take place on it).

Once you stop/archive a client, an account or a service in your MyCodaBox environment, the calculation of your invoice is adjusted accordingly.


Here are some tips to keep your MyCodaBox files up-to-date, so as to optimize your billing.

Clients that have ceased operations or gone bankrupt:
For these enterprises, of course, you no longer need CodaBox services.
Regularly check the 'Client List' in MyCodaBox to see if it contains clients you know have ceased operations or gone out of business.
Archive these customers in a timely manner in MyCodaBox: click on the client code in the client list. Then click Archive client at the top right.
The CodaBox services and recurring costs for this client will then be stopped.
Klant archiveren in MyCodaBox

Current accounts on which there is no more activity:
These may be accounts that are no longer used or have been closed by the bank. It may also be an enterprise that has gone bankrupt.
Check the monthly reports (which your office receives via e-mail) to see if there are current accounts on which there are no more transactions. The monthly report shows the number of transactions and the total number of inactive days.
The monthly report indicates the number of inactive days Check with your client and archive these accounts in MyCodaBox in a timely manner: click the client code in the 'Client List'. Select the CODA tab. Next to the account number, click on actions... and choose Archive.
The recurring costs for that account will then be stopped.

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