Receiving your CODA in Odoo as an SME

Are you registered with CodaBox through your accountant who also works with Odoo?

If you wish to manage CODA files in Odoo for your company, the accountant himself must also work with Odoo and initialize the connection.

Please ask your accountant to contact us via

Connecting to 'CodaBox Connect' (shown here) can only be done by your accountant. This pop-up will appear in Odoo:

Are you registered with CodaBox through your accountant who does not work with Odoo?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to receive CODA in Odoo.

Only if you register with CodaBox with a direct contract as an SME, you will be able to receive the CODA via a secure FTP delivery to your server. After this, the CODA will have to be manually processed in Odoo.

Please note: if you decide to connect directly to our services, your Accountant will no longer receive the CODA.

Are you registered with CodaBox directly?

As an SME, you can physically receive your CODA onto your server via secure FTP delivery with our synchronization tool, which allows you to retrieve the CODA files from Codabox and store them locally.

We will give you the necessary information to install and configure the CodaBox SyncTool.

You can find all information in this article.

You cannot connect to CodaBox Connect - this is for accounting offices only. This pop-up will appear in Odoo: 

Receiving your CODA in Odoo as an Accountant

Are you using CodaBox as an accounting office, and working with Odoo as your software?

From now on, you will be able to connect Odoo with our API CodaBox Connect. 

Please note: this connection is only possible for accounting offices affiliated with our services, not for SMEs that are direct clients of CodaBox.

No Odoo environment yet? Be sure to request it from CodaBox first to get started with the integration. We will send you the necessary documents and create your environment.

How do you make the connection in Odoo as an Accountant?

When you log into your Odoo environment, you will be able to see which different "customer databases" you have access to. The configuration below must be done in Odoo for each company.


Follow these steps to create the CodaBox link

In your Odoo environment, you generate a password to make the connection:

  1. In your Odoo environment, go to 'Account Settings'.

  2. Click on 'Accounting' and scroll to 'Manage Connection'.
  3. Click on 'Create connection'.

You will be given a password from Odoo that is unique to the accounting office.

 This password will also allow you to create the Odoo-CodaBox link for your other businesses.

                So it is important to store this data somewhere safe!

In your MyCodaBox environment, enter the generated password to confirm the connection:
  1. You will be automatically redirected to MyCodaBox. Sign in with your known credentials.
  2.   You will land on the screen 'Manage your consent'. 
    Read and accept the terms and conditions, then give your consent to connect Odoo with the CodaBox API. Find out exactly how this works here.
    Your permission to connect was confirmed!
  3. Your permission to connect was confirmed!
    Importantyou will have to follow this step in MyCodaBox only when creating the first company. Afterwards, you can connect other clients in Odoo using the same password generated when connecting the first company (keep the password somewhere safe).

In your Odoo environment, you will then see that the link was made:

  1. The connection was successfully established! 
  2.   On the Dashboard in your Odoo environment, click on Retrieve from CodaBox to retrieve the files.
    For your information, collection will be done automatically once a day by Odoo.
  3.  The CODA has been imported and will be processed in the software. The PDF file will also be retrieved automatically.

Note: Do you want to connect for multiple companies in Odoo?

If you want to connect multiple 'customer databases' to make the CodaBox connection with your accounting office, you will always have to make the connection using your password and the steps above. You will use the password generated by Odoo when you made the first customer connection.

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