Only an accounting Office, client at CodaBox, can order SODA files for its clients

As a Company, it is currently not possible to order SODA files directly

To benefit from this Service, invite your accountant to consult our FAQ and read our article How does the CodaBox onboarding process for me as an accountant work?

If you wish to obtain your SODA files, you will have to agree on the following 3 points with your Accounting Office:

Your Accounting OfficeCodaBoxYour company
Orders your CODAs and SODAs*

Pays for CodaBox services

Sends all files (CODA and SODA) to your company

Note: Your accountant does not receive them unless you are working with a software compatible with the CodaBox API.
Receives the CODA/SODA files

* No SODA without CODA 
The SODA Product is not available separately. SODA can only be delivered for professional clients of the Accounting Office as long as CODABOX already delivers CODA based on a mandate for this purpose. 

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