Due to a technical issue with Exact Online on Friday 16/02, you may have received duplicate files (CODA, SODA, VOILA) in Exact Online on that day. 

To avoid additional duplicates, the sending of files from CodaBox to Exact Online was temporarily stopped between 16/02 and 18/02. 

Sending files as of 19/02

Normal file sending to Exact Online mailboxes was restarted on Monday 19/02 and continues to be monitored as usual.

Duplicate files 16/02

CodaBox cannot remove the duplicate files (CODA, SODA, VOILA) from 16/2 in Exact Online. Please contact Exact Online for this.

You can find more information and updates via this Exact Online incident ticket and via the CodaBox status page.

Thank you for your understanding.