THE COMPANY registers via the CodaBox website 


The Company enters its data directly online by filling in the Registration form.

CodaBox checks the data, sends a confirmation email and a contract to be signed online.

The Company signs its contract digitally.

CodaBox registers the Company in its system, imports the order and sends CODA mandates to the Company by e-mail.

The Company signs the CODA mandates and sends them back to CodaBox (except KBC/CBC).


Receives the signed mandates and sends them to the bank for validation and activation (except KBC/CBC).


Verifies the signatures and activates the delivery of CODA files (except KBC/CBC).


Delivers the CODA filesvia the method that suits the company's software.**

*CARO, VOILA and SODA are not available for SMEs.

**CodaBox contacts the company to help during the configuration of the chosen delivery mode, for each of the softwares (except EOL) used by the company.


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