MyCodaBox is built for your organization. Within the organization, you can manage all your clients, organized by software. 

Do you manage clients across multiple organizations (for example, if you work for multiple accounting offices in a group structure)? Then you can use the top menu to navigate from one organization to another.

Do you use different accounting softwares? Then you have different environments (a separate environment for each software that you use) within MyCodaBox and you can navigate from one environment to another via the top menu.

MyCodaBox dashboard and menu options

Note: The Administration menu is only available to users with Admin role in MyCodaBox.

Change your organization's details
Do your organization's details registered with CodaBox (e.g. e-mail address for invoicing, company name, address, representative) need to be changed? Manage these details yourself via 'Administration' in the top menu.
Click Administration > Organization Info > Edit organization info > Save Changes.

 If you change certain details while a new mandate for your own organization has been requested and isn't signed yet, you will be notified that this mandate has been updated and the updated version must be signed.

Does your company registration number need to be changed? Contact

One login account for MyCodaBox with access to all of your environments

Access to MyCodaBox for your organization is based on a personal user account

With just one account, you can access multiple environments in MyCodaBox (the accounting softwares you use) within your organization.

You can create an unlimited number of users from MyCodaBox - completely free of charge - for your organization (if you work with several colleagues).

Change the details of your environment (accounting software)
Do you need to change the details of your environment(s) (e.g. the email address where you receive CodaBox communications and monthly reports)? Manage these details yourself via 'Environment' in the left menu.
Click Environment Info > Edit environment info > Save Changes.

→ Are you changing your accounting software? You cannot change this yourself. See below.

Are you changing your accounting software or using a new one?


  • We will send you the necessary documents to be signed.
  • Once we receive the signed documents, we will also create a new MyCodaBox environment per software. You can access it directly via MyCodaBox.
  • Concerning CODA pricing, we cumulate the current accounts of all environments to calculate the price, the SODA service is to be paid per environment. 

You work with several accounting softwares already registered with us and you want to transfer your client?
Access the client list of another accounting office (e.g. merger)?


You're about to merge with another accounting office, but for the time being you'll continue to exist under separate company registration numbers.

→ The other office can invite you and give you access to their organization's MyCodaBox. More info in this article.

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