! UPDATE 20/01/2023 !

Dear customer,

Please note our new e-mail address for Support related emails.

This address is active from now on: helpdesk@codabox.com

Please do not use the old e-mail address support@codabox.com to contact our Support Team.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

The CodaBox Support Team

CodaBox is currently investigating an issue regarding the sending of emails coming from support@codabox.com 

Since 23/12 it seems these e-mails arrive in SPAM. 

To ensure that the e-mails from CodaBox do not end up in the SPAM folder, the following steps can be followed:

In Outlook : select an e-mail in the SPAM folder and via the 'Report Message' function it is possible to designate an e-mail as 'Not Junk'. Then clicking on 'Report' will send a message to Microsoft so that the email from CodaBox is no longer considered Junk. 

The e-mail which you indicated as 'Not Junk' , will be moved to your inbox (and the pdf in attachment) will be available.

The next e-mails that CodaBox will send, will again arrive in the regular inbox. 

We will of course look at how we can avoid this in the future.

If you don't receive any e-mails, please add support@codabox.com to your safe senders list. To do this, go to your Junk E-mail Options in Outlook and add support@codabox.com to your Safe Senders List.