VOILA in detail

How do I receive the invoice?

The way you receive your invoice as an SME and accountant depends on how you are equipped to receive the UBL-Peppol invoice digitally. 

CodaBox preferably delivers the invoice in the software where SME and accountant work together (collaboration tool of online accounting software) but there are also Accounting Offices who receive the documents from CodaBox via daily delivery on their Server (SFTP) and then import them into their local accounting software.      

The SME also always receives the PDF version by e-mail from invoices@CodaBox.com

This means that they also receive the document and can make their payment. 

The e-mail also informs the SME that CodaBox has already sent the same invoice to its Accounting Office, so there's no need to send it again.

Why do clients need to validate their e-mail address?
Invoices are above all an exchange between a supplier and a client. For CodaBox, it is essential that the invoice reaches your client so that he/she can take the necessary steps to pay it.
There are probably other ways to organise this among the many ways that accountants work with their clients, but e-mail is a standard that allows CodaBox to guarantee delivery to SMEs.

To make sure we send the invoice to the right person, we ask your client to verify his/her email address. After verification, your client will receive the invoices by email in PDF format.

Which e-mails will my client receive during the VOILA ordering process?

Your client will receive these emails during the registration process:

  • Invitation email with a link to accept the service
  • If necessary, an e-mail to verify the e-mail address
  • Confirmation of the acceptance of the subscription


Why does registration on Voila not happen immediately and what could possibly go wrong?
Activating the VOILA Service for a client is done in several steps that require validation.
Invoices are official documents so certain formalities (Companies Register (BCE/KBO) and Access Point verification) need to be completed, especially as we are completely changing delivery methods.
It is also essential for CodaBox that the invoice reaches the addressee/client so that he/she can accept and pay it.

So what could go wrong?
  • Client does not accept the Service
  • Client does not validate his/her email address
  • CodaBox cannot validate the BCE/KBO verification (if the name does not match, go to MyCodaBox and change the name. We can then validate this name)
  • The client is connected to another Access Point (if client was already registered via another Access Point, the client will have to unsubscribe first. A client cannot be registered via different Access Points)

Activation of VOILA has state 'Problem'

The VOILA activation state is 'Problem' in MyCodaBox.

Why this state? 

→ The registration on PEPPOL failed. Please contact our Support for more information.

The link to activate the VOILA service doesn't work

I invited my client, but his invitation link does not work.

The invitation link is valid for 14 days, after that, you can resend the invitation at any time:

  1. Go to MyCodaBox

  2. Go to the VOILA service overview
  3. Look up your client
  4. Resend the invitation

I have activated VOILA for my client. What document formats will I receive?
  • Invoices retrieved from Peppol will be in UBL format that can be imported in your software. The UBL can contain a PDF representation of the invoice.
  • Invoices retrieved from Zoomit are only available in PDF format.

My client no longer receives his purchase invoices by e-mail

My client uses the VOILA Service, but does not receive his purchase invoices via e-mail.

This can have several causes:

  • The e-mail address of the client is incorrect, please check this via MyCodaBox.
  • The client has not yet confirmed his e-mail address, please check it in MyCodaBox

What if the invoice is not correct?

What do I tell my client if he has questions about the content of the invoice or wants to refuse the invoice? 

→ Your client should contact his supplier directly.

My client has questions regarding the Zoomit notifications 

To deliver as much as possible purchase invoices to you and your client, CodaBox also subscribes your client on the Zoomit network. 

This implies that the client receives his invoices in his banking application and a notification for each new invoice. 

This can only be stopped by cancelling the VOILA Service.

Stop receiving Zoomit notifications after the VOILA Service has been cancelled?

My client questions why he still receives Zoomit notifications even after stopping the VOILA Service.

→ Your client needs to login to his bank application to stop the zoomit service (more details see: Refuse senders)

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