VOILA in a few easy steps

How does VOILA work?

The steps for your client to start using VOILA

Connected suppliers 

As of January 1st, 2026, all Belgian B2B invoices will be required to be sent as e-invoices via the Peppol-network.

Currently, we are still working on our list of suppliers. However, we are aware that the volume of invoices currently available through our VOILA service represents only a fraction of the invoices received by companies.

Which suppliers send digital invoices? 

A list of suppliers who send purchase invoices digitally can be found here (DigiCrowd Champions).

CodaBox aims to increase the volume of digital invoices.

We have established a list of the 'knowingly enrolled companies' regarding sending purchase invoices through the Peppol network.

We exchange this list with the senders so that they can confidently identify the customers who wish to receive their invoices via Peppol. This way we build volume, and we can guarantee both along the sending and receiving side that the invoice will reach the customer.

  • The sending side guarantees that the Peppol invoice is delivered to the end customer.
  • If the receiving side is subscribed to the VOILA service, it has the guarantee that the invoice from one of these senders will be received in the billing software.

Why aren't all invoices sent digitally (the Peppol-First-principle)?

Some suppliers have smart billing software that, when sending invoices, automatically checks whether the customer is known on the Peppol network. 

  • If this is the case: then the invoice is sent through the Peppol network. This is called the Peppol-First-principle.
  • If not: then the document is sent via e-mail or by mail. Your client can then lend a hand here: by still asking his supplier to send his invoices digitally over Peppol (e.g. via the customer portal of his supplier).

Step-by-step transition

Not all suppliers already work with the Peppol-First-principle, making it more difficult to activate their customers' e-invoicing.

Of course, we do understand that you would like a larger volume of documents, so we contact several vendors at regular times to keep the conversation going.

Meanwhile, we view this gradual transition as an ideal time to prepare for the adjustments ahead.

In fact, as an accountant, you play a crucial role for your clients, and you can guide them in this so that they are fully ready to receive their invoices digitally from 2026!

VOILA in a few minutes via 4 short videos

The videos are not available in English but you can have a look at the FR and NL videos below

NL: Ontdek VOILA in een paar minuten ...

FR: Découvrir VOILA en quelques minutes ....

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