Using your clients' details, the various companies are created in MyCodaBox. Your clients can then sign their mandates so that you receive the files. You will also have access to MyCodaBox to manage, follow up and add new companies yourself from now on. 

We request you to fill in the Fiche signalétique/Gegevensfiche (data sheet) so that you can order mandates for the various companies (this document is available for download at the bottom of this article). This document can be used to make your first order but also afterwards, if you have to make a large order. In the case of individual orders, we invite you to do them via MyCodaBox.

What information do we need?

 Your contract data with CodaBox

  • The name and company number of your Accounting office.
  • The e-mail and mobile phone details of the person with whom CodaBox can share information if necessary.

⇨ The information of your Accounting office

  • The accounting software you work with: fill in a separate form for each accounting software. 
  • The name and e-mail of the person with whom CodaBox can share technical information if necessary.
  • The date* from which we must send the mandates to your clients.

The Billing details

  • The email address where you want to receive the CodaBox invoice.
  • The name of the person.

MyCodaBox access

  • Email addresses of employees who wish to access MyCodaBox (please do not use generic addresses and do not share logins between employees).

* Date of sending mandates
As the accountant, you must inform your clients BEFORE this date that they will receive a mandate to sign via CODABOX.
At the bottom of this page, in addition to the data sheet, you will find an e-mail template you can use to notify your client. More information on mandates can be found in this article.

⇨  The required data to order CODA mandates for the various companies

Code dossier / Dossiercode

If the CODA files are delivered to your server, they will be stored in the CODA Tree, in the folder with this code as its name. This value is unique per company number and only one code can be chosen per company number.

This name may, for example, be the same as the name of your client's file in your accounting program.

Nom d'entreprise / Bedrijfsnaam Your client's company name.
Valablement représenté par / Rechtsgeldig vertegenwoordigd door The name of the person who is the authorised representative on the account(s) and who is therefore allowed to sign the mandate.
Fonction dans la société /
Functie in het bedrijf 
The function of the Company Representative.
Langue / TaalThe language that will be used by CodaBox to communicate with your client.
Rue N° / Straat en nrPlease do not put a comma between the street name and the building number.
Code Postal / PostcodePostcode
Commune / GemeenteCity
N° d'entreprise /
Only numbers (without the BE) and only Belgian companies.

This e-mail address is used to communicate with your client (sending CODA mandates, activation of other services).

Please do not enter your Accounting office e-mail address unless it concerns your own office.

Banque / BankEnter the name of the bank here, making sure to fill in one line per company and per bank.

We are able to deliver CODA files for the following banks:
CRELAN (Landbouwkrediet/Centea)  - EUROPABANK - ING - KBC - Nagelmackers - SOCIETE GENERALE - TRIODOS -  VDK - VIVAWALLET 
Compte 1- IBAN / 
Bankrekening 1- IBAN 
Enter the 14-digit IBAN number. Linked currency accounts (USD, GBP, ...) or ING sub-accounts (OptiCash, ...) are automatically activated.
Compte 2- IBAN / 
Bankrekening 2 - IBAN 
Compte 3 - IBAN / 
Bankrekening 3- IBAN 
Compte 4 - IBAN / 
Bankrekening 4 - IBAN 
Compte 5 - IBAN / 
Bankrekening 5 - IBAN 
Boîte Exact Online / Exactbox e-mail 

Only to be filled in if this form is intended for your Exact Online. Enter the contact details of the Exact Online digital postbox.