Does your accounting software support direct integration of CodaBox files via our new API?

At the moment, two software packages offer this direct integration functionality:

Software*Type of files that can directly be integrated

CodaBox needs your consent before it can use this feature.

How to give your consent?

Your software has an integrated function to connect to CodaBox. Please refer to their help pages to use this function. 

When activating the connection, your office will be asked for consent. You can give this consent via your MyCodaBox platform. 

Your software will guide you to MyCodaBox: Log in to the platform with your known CodaBox details.

You will be redirected to the 'Give your consent' screen. 

After reading the terms and conditions, if you agree, activate the button to accept them and click on 'Confirm'.

You will receive a confirmation of your agreement in MyCodaBox and then you will be redirected to your accounting software.

Notes : 

  • *Please contact your reseller to check if the integration has been implemented in your software.
  • When you give your consent, it means you agree, your accounting software can access all your clients' documents under this platform.  
  • If you work with different platforms, the consent must be performed on each platform. For detailed information on this process, please contact your software distributor.

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