What is an active CODA mandate in MyCodaBox?  

It is a mandate that has been through different steps:

1.The Accounting Office has ordered the CODAs for his client and has communicated the information about his client via the data sheet or via MyCodaBox
2.CodaBox has verified the accuracy of these data (if there is a problem with the order, CodaBox will contact your accounting office).

Your client has received the documents to sign:

  • If you manage your mandates, you have sent them to him after having downloaded them via MyCodaBox
  • If CodaBox manages your mandates, we have sent them to him

The documents signed by the client were returned to CodaBox:

  • CodaBox has verified the signed documents
    • CodaBox has adapted the concerned state of the mandate
    • If required, CodaBox has sent the bank mandate to the bank
      • The bank has verified if the account is orderable
5.The delivery mode of the CODA files has been defined
6.The CODA files are available, the mandate is now active in MyCodaBox!

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