Yuki e-mail address verification

To better protect your clients' data and to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive data, we perform a verification of their email address. 

➜ Of course @yukiworks e-mail addresses must also be verified!

If Yuki clients need to confirm their Yuki email address for Codabox*, they will be able to do so via Historique / "Lots scan/chargement.  Then the e-mail message can be opened with the arrow on the left side of the line, and then click on "document.htm".  Yuki will also indicate that this is an e-mail message:

* Confirmation of the Yuki email address is done by clicking on the link in the *.htm file


CODA files not available in Yuki even if bank account is activated by CodaBox?

 Did you already register/create the concerned bank account in Yuki?

The procedure for creating a bank account is available here, in NL en in FR , on the website of our partner Yuki 

No SODA files available in Yuki even though CODAs are already delivered for this client?

When there are SODA files available for your client in CodaBox, Yuki retrieves them based on his VAT number (contained in the SODA file name).

➜ Did you add the relevant VAT number to your Yuki administration?

You can find more information on this topic on the website of our Yuki partner in
'Your SODA files are delivered to the Yuki server': Yuki's articles are not available in English, but you can have a look at the ones in FR and NL

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