Environment Transfer

If you want to transfer a client to another one of your MyCodaBox environments (e.g. a different accounting software), you can request this transfer directly in MyCodaBox, and simultaneously also request the resending of CODA for this client.

The principle is easy: The transfer of your client to the new environment is done without cancelling the delivery of CODA/SODA, and without having to have a new mandate signed by your client!

★ To ensure an optimal transfer and timely delivery of CODA to the new MyCodaBox environment, create your transfer request once you have already started managing your client's file in your new accounting software.

Tip: Receiving an error message during the process of transferring your client to another environment?

See our 'Troubleshooting' section below.

Transfer your client to your other environment
  1. Go to the MyCodaBox environment where the client was originally listed.
  2. Click on Clients > Client List > Search
  3. Click the Client Code to display the details.
    Search client in MyCodaBoxThe client information page opens on the 'Client' tab. 
  4. Click on Transfer client to another environment.Transfer a client to another environment via MyCodaBox
  5. A pop-up appears. Select the environment and fill in the other fields as per your needs for this client (see also below 'Resend CODA'). 
  6. Click Save Changes.

Resend CODA

When you transfer your client to a different environment, you can - if needed - simultaneously request the re-delivery of CODA files from the past to the environment you're moving your client into.

In the 'Redeliver past CODAs' field, select the date as of when you want the CODA to be redelivered.Request the resending of CODA via MyCodaBoxYou are the right person to determine this date, which is important so you can continue to work optimally for this client in your new accounting software.

! Please note that we can only deliver CODA that we have received from the banks

What about the services my client was subscribed to before this transfer to another environment?
Which services remain active?

Active service BEFORE the Transfer

STATUS after the Transfer
CODA - SODA - VOICI - CARO Always Transferred
VOILATransferred if selected during the transfer request

activate voila service preferences
Not transferred if not selected during the transfer request

disable voila service preferences

Note: When a client signs a contract directly with CodaBox: only the CODA Service remains active.

This procedure is also available in a short video
On this page you can watch a short video tutorial  'How to request an environment transfer' (some of the wordings on the screens have since changed). 
Be sure to check out our other video tutorials, which walk you step-by-step through MyCodaBox with concrete examples.

Track the transfer status

Go to the MyCodaBox environment that your client is meant to be transferred to.

Clients > Client Transfer List > tab Environment transfer. Check the 'Transfer State' column.

Follow-up of my client's transfer status via MyCodaBox

Status: what do the different states mean? 

All info in this article.


Did your client's environment transfer request fail?

  • You are an Accounting Office, client of CodaBox, and you have access to several MyCodaBox environments.
  • You have launched the procedure to request an environment transfer via MyCodaBox but an error message appears.

➞  Environment transfers may fail for several reasons: 

Incorrect data or selection not completed

When clicking on Save changes to make your transfer request, some data appears to be missing.

➞  In order to be able to confirm your transfer request, the following data must be corrected:

  • The destination environment must be selected
  • The e-mail address must be valid

There was already an existing transfer request for this client

In the client screen, when clicking on Transfer client to another environment, this message appears:

My request to transfer my client via MyCodaBox cannot be processed

If a transfer request has already been made for this client, a new transfer request cannot be created. 

➞  Please contact our Support via helpdesk@codabox.com to check if there is already a similar request in progress, and check on its status.

Something went wrong

When clicking on Transfer client to another environment, this message appears:

A problem has occurred during my client transfer request via MyCodaBox

➞ Please contact our Support via helpdesk@codabox.com

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