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I transfer my client to my other platform

If you want to transfer a client folder to another of your MyCodaBox platforms, you can request this transfer, as well as the resending of CODA for this client, directly in MyCodaBox.

The principle is easy: The transfer of your client to the new platform is done without cancelling the delivery of CODA/SODA, and without having to sign a new mandate!

✓ To ensure an optimal transfer and timely delivery of CODA to the new MyCodaBox platform, create your transfer request when you have already started managing your client's folder in your new accounting software.

How to do this ?

Go to the original MyCodaBox platform

 CLIENTS > Client list > Client search, double click to display the details > Client tab > Client actions .. > Transfer to another platform

Resend CODA?

If needed, in the 'Redeliver past CODA's' field, select the date as of when you want the CODAs to be redelivered.You are the right person to determine this date, which is important so you can continue to work optimally for this client in your new accounting software. 

Please note that we can only deliver CODA that we have received from the bank 

Tracking the status of the transfer?

Go to the destination platform on MyCodaBox

CLIENTS - Clients Transfers List - Platform Transfer - Transfer State column


An error message during the process of transferring your client to another platform?

⇨ Please check My client's platform transfer request failed

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