An API, or Applications Programming Interface, is a programming interface that can connect to an application to exchange data.

The CodaBox API allows you to 'retrieve' CODAS/SODA/Invoices from CodaBox 'in the background'.

All types of software can (if they want) connect to the CodaBox API, which allows the automatic import of CODAS/SODAS/INVOICES files into the software for :

  1. A whole group of clients at the same time
  2. One client, per VAT number 
  3. One client, per VAT number and for sending sales invoices to CodaBox that transfers them to the accountant 

Some examples of the 3 types of existing software:

  1. Accounting software (Bob, Winbooks) or Document management software (ClearFacts)
  2. Intelligent administration softwares for new entrepreneurs and independent suppliers 
  3. Invoicing softwares

A company - registered at CodaBox  - which works with type 2 or type 3 software can therefore also get CODAs.

Software manufacturers each have their own good reasons for using the CodaBox API:

Type 1:

Accounting softwares offer the possibility of direct integration without the need for FTP delivery.

Document management softwares offer the possibility to group documents and make them available to the accountant and the client ( those are softwares shared between the client and the accountant).

Type 2:CODAs are used for other purposes (e.g. systems around concert tickets).
Type 3:Invoicing software allows you to send your sales invoices to CodaBox, as well as to the accountant.
At the same time, the invoicing software will query the CODA files and indicate which invoices have a paid status. Many billing software programs are already connected to CodaBox.

Complete and up to date CodaBox API documentation is available online.

Note: If you are working with a software that is not yet compatible with CodaBox API and the manufacturer wants to contact us about this, we invite you to communicate him our contact details : E-mail: or 

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