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I transfer a client to my office in 5 steps

Do you want to transfer a client, who already has an active account with CodaBox, to your Office?

  1. In MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > New Client > Fill in the client data in Informations.
    When you click on Save Client, the system detects that this client already exists and proposes to transfer the client to your Office.
    On the next screen, complete the 'Bank details', the 'Social Welfare Office' and request, if necessary, the resending of past CODAs by selecting the period in the calendar via 'Redeliver past CODAs'.

    Please note that we can only deliver CODA that we have received from the bank 

  2. CodaBox transfers the client to your Office ⇨ the client is visible in your Client List
  3. CodaBox sends the CODA mandate(s) to your Office for signature (*)
  4. CodaBox handles the mandate(s) signed by your client
  5. Your Office receives CODA for this client

(*) If CodaBox manages your clients' mandates 

Good to know:  You can follow-up on your transfers via MyCodaBox > CLIENTS > Client Transfer List

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